Variable autotransformers.

Variable autotransformers up to 33kVA

We have a wide range of variable transformers: single-phase, biphase and three-phase, manual or power-assisted control. Our standard assembly is for panel mounting, however, we can manufacture the variable autotransformer for a table or in a box with a voltmeter and/or ampmeter.

La construcción estándar de los variadores es para montaje en cuadro/panel pero bajo demanda podemos realizar el autotransformador para sus uso en sobremesa o en caja con voltímetro y/o amperímetro.

General features:

  • Our variable autotransformers are designed with a high number of turns per volt that allows to select very accurate voltage values..
  • Epoxy resin improves the heat dissipation, avoiding a heat concentration in the brush contact point..
  • Temperature increase over ambient below 60°C
  • 100% of our variable autotransformers are verified.

You can see our catalogue selecting among the kind of autrotransformer you wish. If you don't find what are you looking for, please, contact us

Single-phase variable autotransformers.
Double variable autotransformers.
Three-phase variable autotransformers.

* Variable autotransformers three-phase *