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DC/DC reducers by Zetagi.

Voltage reducers

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We distribute these voltage reducers by Zetagi. The voltage reducers have been designed for assembly in cars, trucks, caravans and ships, so that with a 24V battery they can supply all kinds of equipment, such as receivers or telecommunication transmitters, that operate in the 12V range..

These reducers do not generate any type of interference nor are they affected in turn by the radiofrequency of the transmitters. Can be used in all kinds of appliances at 12V.

All our models have short circuit protection and thermal protection

Article COR2 COR5 COR10 COR20 COR35 COR30
Input voltage 13-30 18-30
Output voltage 3-4,5-6-7,5-9-12 13,8V
Rated current 1 A 2,5 A 5 A/9 A* 10 A/18 A* 20 A/32 A* 30 A
Peak current 2 A 5 A 10 A 20 A 35 A 30 A
Dimensions (mm) 70x100x20 130x100x35 120x100x63 120x200x63 200x400x90 180x160x70
Weight (kg) 0,15 0,34 0,5 1,3 5 2,3

(*) With the optional fan GV1

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All technical data, weights, measurements, etc. which appear in our catalog are indicative, and may be modified without prior notice.