Encapsulated transformers

Encapsulated transformers

GRUPO CROVISA manufactures encapsulated transformers which meet international safety and quality standard (EN61558, VDE 0570, VDE 0550-0551, CEE 15, SEMKO 115), guaranteeing optimum performance when faced with temperature changes, humidity and extreme conditions. These products have a thermal reduction of 25% compared to conventional transformers

General specifications:

  • More than 5Mohms, 500 Vdc insulation.
  • Dielectric strength greater than 4500V-1 min.
  • Class II safety transformer.
  • Calculated for ambient temperature of 40°C / 70°C.
  • Thermal materials superior to class E.
  • Possibility of protection by thermal fuse or cut-out.
  • Excellent solderability for wave bath or for any other system.
  • Horizontal assembly with 2 or 4 attaching points or vertical assembly may be provided as per requirement.
  • Computerized verification of all electrical parameters during production

You can see our catalogue selecting among the values of the list the power you wish. If you prefer to view our catalogue offline, you just have to choose encapsulated transformers catalogue.



0,35VA and 0,5VA. 0,5VA.
0,6VA. 1,2VA.
1,2VA. 1,5VA.
1,8VA. 2VA.
2,4VA. 2,3VA.
2,8VA. 2,8VA.
3,2VA. 3,2VA.
5VA. 5VA.
10VA with fixing points. 8VA.
10VA without fixing points. 10VA with fixing points.
12VA with fixing points.
12VA with fixing points.
Low-profile 1VA.
Low-profile 3VA, 4VA, 6VA and 10VA.
Low-profile 14VA, 18VA, 24VA and 30VA.
Low-profile 40VA and 60VA.

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