Isolating and control transformers

Isolating and control single or three-phase transformers up to 400kVA

We design and manufacture control and isolating single-phase or three-phase transformers and autotransformers up to 400kVA. Also, we design these control and isolating transformers and autotransformers in boxes IP23 or IP54.

Under request, we can design transformers for medical uses (medical rooms, operating theaters), transformers to convert from three-phase to single-phase, reactors to reduce the harmonics rate of circuit line.

In the links below you will find our catalog and if there is not what you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

Isolating and control single-phase. DIN Rail isolating and control single-phase.
Three-phase reversible autotransformers (Copper). Three-phase reversible autotransformers (Aluminium).
Isolating three-phase transformers (Copper) Isolating three-phase transformers (Aluminium)

* Isolating and control catalogue *