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Variable autotransformers.

We have a wide range of single-phase, double and three-phase variable autotransformers. Our variable autotransformers are available for manual or motorized regulation.

On demand we can perform the autotransformer for use in desktop or in box with voltmeter and / or analog or digital ampmeter.

Our technical team has the experience and knowledge to be able to design variable autotransformers with no power limit..

General characteristics:

  • Our variable autotransformers are designed with a high number of turns per volt that allows to select very accurate voltage values.

  • Epoxy resin improves the heat dissipation, avoiding a heat concentration in the brush contact point.

  • Temperature increase over ambient below 60°C.

  • 100% of our variable autotransformers are verified.

To consult our catalog of variable autotransformers you can select from this list the type of variac. If you prefer, you can save this catalog on your hard drive (file in pdf format so you will need to have Acrobat Reader installed)

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