Toroidal transformers

Toroidal transformers up to 25kVA

CROVISA manufactures a wide range of toroidal transformers from 10VA to 25kVA that combine all the electrical and mechanical advantages of toroidal transformers.

The experience of our technical staff enables us to find the best guaranteed solution for all inquiries reaching us. We design according to our customers' specific technical and mechanical requirements such as: power, voltage, screen winding, thermal protection, connectors, encapsulated or with different fixing devices.

General specifications:

  • More than 5Mohms, 500 Vdc insulation.
  • Dielectric strength greater than 3000 V -1 min. between primary and secondary.
  • Designed for 40°C ambient temperature (Ta 40/B).
  • Very low no-load losses.
  • Reduced copper losses and high performance level.
  • Reduced noise level and low magnetic radiation.
  • Excellent no-load/load regulation.
  • Computerized verification of all electrical parameters during production.

You can see our catalogue selecting among the values of the list the power you wis

20VA, 30VA, 40VA and 50VA. 60VA, 80VA and 120VA.
160VA, 200VA and 330VA. 500VA, 750VA and 1000VA.
For Lighting: from 50VA up to 300VA

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