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Toroidal transformers.

In grupo CROVISA we design and manufacture a wide range of toroidal transformers that reach a power of 25 KVA and that combine the many electrical and mechanical advantages of these transformers. We also design on demand all kinds of toroidal transformers, adapting to the electrical and mechanical needs of each client (see custom transformers).

The experience of our technicians allows us to solve all the design demands of toroidal transformers that come to us with the maximum guarantee, designing according to the technical characteristics that they request: power, voltage, shielded, with thermal protection. connectors, encapsulated or with other fixing points.

General characteristics:

  • More than 5Mohms, 500 Vdc insulation.

  • Leakage lines and distances to air according to VDE 0570.

  • Very low no-load losses.

  • Reduced copper losses and high performance level.

  • Reduced noise level and low magnetic radiation.

  • Excellent no-load/load regulation.

  • Computerized verification of all electrical parameters during production.

To consult our catalog of encapsulated transformers, you can select the desired power from this list. If you prefer, you can save this catalog on your hard drive (file in pdf format so you will need to have Acrobat Reader installed).

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