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Open frame transformers.

We are manufacturers of a wide range of standard transformers in order to give our customers an efficient and fast service. We also design on demand all kinds of transformers, adapting to the electrical and mechanical needs of each client. (see special transformers).

We have been designing audio transformers for valve amplifiers for many years, as well as transformers for 100V line and speaker.

General characteristics:

  • Designed for 40 °C ambient temperature (T40 / E).

  • Impregnated with class F epoxy varnish and oven dried.

  • Verification of the electrical parameters of 100% of the production.

To consult our catalog of conventional / open transformers you can select the desired power from this list. If you prefer, you can save this catalog on your hard drive (file in pdf format so you will need to have Acrobat Reader installed) by clicking on the link below.

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